bagde agency commercial insurance

Commercial Insurance

Badge Agency's commercial insurance specialists can advise you on the appropriate coverages to protect your business assets, and help you secure them at favorable rates.

Looking For Insurance?

5 critical steps to sound business protection

  1. We will provide a questionnaire that, when completed, clearly defines most of your business exposures, and thus begins to give us an insight into your insurance requirements.
  2. Without obligation, we will provide a professional review of your current coverage in order to identify dangerous "gaps" and costly "overlaps" in protection.
  3. We will make recommendations for changes - possibly coverages that should be added, perhaps insurance no longer required, and possibly an adjustment on limits, depending upon our findings.
  4. We will "do the shopping" for you, and recommend an insurer that provides the best coverage for your needs at the most competitive rates available, and provide a quote - again without obligation.
  5. We will keep your insurance as current as possible with periodic "check-ups" after your policy(s) are issued.

Here are the exposures we will explore on behalf of your business:

PROPERTY: Your buildings, contents and inventory.

LIABILITY: Your obligations based on business operations.

CRIME: Your vulnerability to a host of threats, including theft from within.

BUSINESS INTERRUPTION: The need for profits protection during a rebuilding period.

PRODUCT LIABILITY: Your exposure in the event of a negligence judgment.

WORKERS COMPENSATION: Your responsibility for employee injuries on the job.

COMMERCIAL AUTO: Coverage for vehicles owned and / or operated by the business.

LIFE / FINANCIAL: Plans for key people, partners, employee benefits, disability, pension and retirements plans.

PERSONAL LINES: Protection for you / partners / officers for auto, homeowners, personal umbrella and other coverages.

Call today to make sure that your business is properly covered!

This will provide a "second opinion" that could save you a lot of grief in the event that your business has outgrown your coverage - or if you are paying too much for your coverage.